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DUI/ Criminal Charges

Being convicted of driving while under the influence has serious and immediate consequences which are Canada wide. Now it’s not only for alcohol but also for an illegal substance as well. Traffic Ticket Advocates have a highly experienced team associated with them who have seen and dealt with these sorts of violations numerous times.  Dealing with tickets resulting from a DUI or Criminal Charges can be a lengthy process.

Drivers who try and deal with these charges on their own might find that due to all of the legalities, and perhaps even their own lack of information about the consequences that might occur, the entire process can be confusing, frustrating and time consuming.  Hiring a company such as Traffic Ticket Advocates is going to cost some money, but being convicted of a DUI or other criminal charges is guaranteed to cost a person much more.

There is a very good chance that being convicted of these charges will not only have financial repercussions, but also carries a high likelihood of a drivers licence being suspended or even potentially revoked.  In extreme circumstances, there is also the possibility that a conviction could carry jail time.  Something that would have long term affects even after the time had been served.  Traffic Ticket Advocates strongly discourage drivers to take on their DUI charges / tickets alone.  Contact Traffic Ticket Advocates to see how they can help.

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