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All drivers have experienced, at one time or another, the distinct sound of an emergency vehicle approaching.  At those times, drivers are aware that they are legally obligated to move over on the road in order to enable the emergency vehicle to safely pass.  However, while drivers know what the rules of the road are, they do not always act accordingly.  Perhaps it was unintentional, the driver may have been focused on something else at the time.

In other cases, some people do not deal well with pressure situations.  At those times, even knowing that they are supposed to move their vehicle out of the way, they find that they are unable to.  In some cases the driver is unaware of their obligation to move their vehicle for the safety of the Emergency vehicle which include: Police, Ambulance, Fire, Tow Trucks and Maintenance vehicles to name a few.

Failure to move over for an emergency vehicle is a driving offence for which people can receive a ticket which subsequently means a fine as well as the potential to lose points on their licence.  Those drivers who find themselves dealing with a ticket stemming from failure to move over should contact Traffic Ticket Advocates.  They deal with all manner of tickets that arise from any number of vehicle offences.  Because they have both the know-how and practice in having dealt with these kinds of tickets in the many years they have been in business, clients have found Traffic Ticket Advocates to have been both efficient and successful on the driver's behalf.

Approaching / following an Emergency Vehicle - Section 159 under Highway Traffic Act

Fail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle – Section 159.1 under Highway Traffic Act

Slow down approaching Emergency or Tow Truck - Section 159.2 under Highway Traffic Act

Slow down approaching stopped Emergency Vehicle or Tow truck on a multi lane Highway-

Section 159.3 under Highway Traffic Act

All convictions will stay on your driving record for 3 years and could affect your insurance rating.

Once retained, we will file your ticket. In 2-4 months a trial date will be set and we will order the evidence of the case from the charging officer.  We will review this evidence with you and discuss all the reasonable options.  These options range from running a trial and challenging the officers evidence and pushing for a withdraw, or we can negotiate a reasonable resolution with the crown to reduce your demerit points and fine.

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