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No Insurance – section 2.1 under Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act

The Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act (CAIA) states that “ No owner or lessee of a motor vehicle shall:

a) Operate a motor vehicle unless insured with valid insurance
b) Permit the motor vehicle to be operated unless it is insured with valid insurance

Operating a motor vehicle without insurance is a serious offence and if found guilty the penalties are a minimum $5000 set fine totally $6250 with court costs.

A second conviction the fines are doubled $10,000 add court costs = $12,500, and the possibility of a licence suspension of up to one year, along with the fine.

The cost of Insurance may be high but the costs of being convicted without Insurance is higher.

All convictions will stay on your driving record for 3 years and could affect your insurance rating.

A guilty plea of this charge may have a detrimental effect on your insurance.

Once retained, we will attend court and set a trial date.  We will review the charging officer’s evidence with you and discuss all the reasonable options.  These options range from running a trial and challenging the officers evidence and pushing for a withdraw, or negotiating a reasonable resolution with the crown to reduce your demerit points and fine.





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