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  • I had an exceptional experience with Chris Buckle managing my careless driving ticket. The entire process was seamless and expertly handled. Chris's proficiency ensured a satisfactory outcome. I highly recommend his services.

    Harrisan Logarajah Avatar Harrisan Logarajah
    June 1, 2024

    Chris was very helpful and provided me and my family with professional service throughout the entire process. His communication was always clear, to the point and timely. We always knew where we stood. We are very pleased with the outcome. We highly recommend Traffic Ticket Advocates! Thanks for all your help Chris.

    shawn currie Avatar shawn currie
    May 7, 2024

    I can’t say enough about Chris and his services! He has helped our family out a handful of times (only) and the results have been positive. Worth every penny! Thank you!

    Linda De Luca (Kiki De Luca) Avatar Linda De Luca (Kiki De Luca)
    May 7, 2024

    Thank you for your help Chris, will highly recommend to friends & family

    Octav Cristescu Avatar Octav Cristescu
    May 7, 2024

    I met Chris in his office in Main Street for the first time. He is amazing and handled my careless driving ticket so well. I am absolutely delightful to recommend Chris for your traffic tickets. Thanks for your support and service.

    mathar sahib Avatar mathar sahib
    May 7, 2024
  • Chris Buckle was extremely helpful with my ticket! Thank you.

    Isabella Cruz Avatar Isabella Cruz
    April 7, 2024

    Chris Buckle did amazing work with my tricky case. I was originally facing a very hefty fine plus 6 demerit points with a possible licence suspension. After discussions with the Crown Prosecutor, Chris was able to bring my case to resolution with a much better outcome. A fairly low fine and only 2 points. I highly recommend Mr. Buckle at Traffic Ticket Advocates.

    Wendy Breuls Avatar Wendy Breuls
    March 7, 2024

    I have reached out to Traffic Ticket Advocates team, based on a recommendation, to help with my wife's case. They got back to me the next day, first thing in the morning. Great / prompt communication with Chris, all the way to the end of the case. I can recommend the Chris and team without any hesitation!

    George Ch Avatar George Ch
    March 7, 2024

    It's been over 10 years that I go to TTA pro for multiple tickets and every time the make impossible, possible. They are very helpful, friendly, fair, professional and try their best to get your cases solved. They are the best and I appreciate their service. Definitely recommended.

    Farshad A Avatar Farshad A
    February 7, 2024

    Very friendly and easy to talk with, fair pricing great location. They take care of it for you 100%

    Roger LeBlanc Avatar Roger LeBlanc
    February 7, 2024
  • I had no previous experience with any ticket fighters so I did a google search to find someone in the York region. I'm glad I found Chris. Chris has been very responsive to all my inquiries. The best part was I didn't need to worry about the trial; I could go to work as usual. I was so happy to hear from Chris that my ticket was withdrawn and there was fine/charge to pay. Thank you Chris for all your help!

    Karen Lock Avatar Karen Lock
    February 7, 2024

    My family and I will forever be grateful for Chris Buckles help and service. I have not met him in person but have spoken with him over phone, he is always available when I need him. He understood my situation and the pressures I'm under and successfully got the result I needed. My ticket was completely withdrawn. His approach and advice how to handle ticket was perfect. I trusted his direction and advice and he delivered. Absolutely amazing.

    chris v Avatar chris v
    February 7, 2024

    I have used Chris and his team on two occasions both times I have been extremely satisfied with the outcome. Chris great job really appreciated your good service!!

    Don Sewell Avatar Don Sewell
    February 7, 2024

    I recently reached out to Chris Buckle for some initial information regarding a speeding ticket. Despite it being just a request for information and not a paid consultation, he went above and beyond to provide me with valuable insights. His expertise and willingness to assist were greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Chris Buckle for anyone seeking legal advice. Thank you!

    Alireza Rahimi Avatar Alireza Rahimi
    February 7, 2024

    Chris got my "Disobey stop sign - Fail to Stop" charge reduced to a lesser charge with no demerit points. Very happy with his service!

    Daemonblitz Avatar Daemonblitz
    December 7, 2023
  • I was involved in an RFat fault accident ,and with Chris & companies help all charges were dropped. Great people to deal with. Highly recommend there services

    Gary Chassie Avatar Gary Chassie
    December 7, 2023

    I highly recommend Chris for the traffic ticket service. He is very professional and always ready to help. I got more I expected. He is the best traffic ticket expert as I know.

    David “at the edge” Avatar David “at the edge”
    December 7, 2023

    I have used Chris a few times for tickets and he is fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone looking to fight their tickets. The entire process is seamless. He is extremely organized, professional and gets the job done. Thank you Chris for all your help!

    Katrina S Avatar Katrina S
    December 7, 2023

    Highly recommend. Careless charge dismissed. Hopefully won’t need their services again; but, if I do, wouldn’t hesitate to use their services again. Will recommend to family and friends. Thank you Chris.

    KJF Avatar KJF
    December 7, 2023

    Chris buckle and team are easily the greatest traffic lawyers out there. i cant even count how many tickets they dropped for our employees, friends and family. Cant thank them enough.

    ONAS Heating & Cooling Corp. Avatar ONAS Heating & Cooling Corp.
    November 3, 2023
  • Great service and always with a smile. Knowledgeable and understanding. Highly recommend. Thank Chris and your team for helping myself and my family over the years.

    Ralph Hirmann Avatar Ralph Hirmann
    October 21, 2023

    These guys are great, they've helped me with 3 tickets on 2 separate occasions (so far) and gotten them all completely dismissed. Saved me a lot of headache and I'll be using them again next time. Highly recommended.

    Lach Avatar Lach
    October 21, 2023

    I highly recommend Chris and his team! Chris handled my careless driving charge and represented me in court as well. He kept me updated throughout the entire process and was able to get the charge dismissed. Feeling grateful for the positive outcome. Thank you again!

    Carmen Chiru Avatar Carmen Chiru
    October 14, 2023

    Traffic Ticket Advocates are easy to deal with and they are highly efficient. Chris did a great job in getting a more serious charge reduced to a minor infraction on behalf of one of my sons. I would highly recommend Chris and the team.

    Graeme Sands Avatar Graeme Sands
    October 4, 2023


    Sanjay Kumar Avatar Sanjay Kumar
    October 4, 2023
  • I have to say thanks to Chris and his team at Traffic Ticket Advocates. I found him 3 days before my court date. It was almost last minute. He was helping me with this knowledge and profession so much to reduced my fine, I don’t even need to go to the court. Also, compare with other companies, they usually charge you when you start to ask them 1st questions about your case( consulting fee). Chris always review your case 1st and see what he can do to help. He will always try his best. I will 100% recommend him to my friends. Thanks Again

    minghui shang Avatar minghui shang
    October 4, 2023

    Got a speeding ticket and found Traffic Ticket Advocates online, read the reviews and decided to go with them.My case was handled by a very professional individual (Chris). In my initial conversation with him, he told me that most likely will be fine and he can dismiss the case but there is no guaranteed. But he promised at the minimum it would be reduction in points, which at that point was my only hope. So I agreed and pass them my information . I had to follow up few times since it took almost a year to get the letter from the court but each time Chris promptly and patiently replied back to my inquiry assuring me that it will be fine, it is just taking long and that's normal these days. I was even away on my court day knowing I'm in a good hand and I was right. Everything went smoothly. He magically withdraw the charge against me, with no demerit points and no conviction and certainly no fine. Amazing work thank you Chris and the team for your reliable services. Certainly recommend this firm to whoever reads this. :)

    sara Toonrush Avatar sara Toonrush
    October 4, 2023

    Chris was able to give me some advice over the phone. He is knowledgeable and down to earth. Thank you!

    Channing Robbins (Cars and Bass) Avatar Channing Robbins (Cars and Bass)
    October 4, 2023

    I was referred to Chris by a family friend. Chris is extremely kind and helpful and takes the time to explain things. He got my ticket dismissed without me having to show up to court. Definitely recommend utilizing his services for problems with traffic tickets.

    Dawood Maqsood Avatar Dawood Maqsood
    October 4, 2023

    This team is the absolute best! I wholeheartedly recommend them for any of your traffic ticket matters. This firm came highly recommended to me by another client of theirs and I have been using their services for well over 15 years - I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Thank you Chris & team!

    Amanda Lampart Avatar Amanda Lampart
    September 4, 2023
  • Chris is an amazing guy.

    Max Kusha Avatar Max Kusha
    September 4, 2023

    I would highly recommend Chris and his services, he was always punctual and very professional when we were working with him and his team.

    Denise Twine Avatar Denise Twine
    September 4, 2023

    The best Traffic Ticket company in Newmarket. Chris Buckle is a trusted top notch professional. With many years of legal experience and a long list of successful wins for his clients. Genuine great staff at Traffic Ticket Advocates. They have the service that the public needs. *Chris helped my case and I will be forever grateful. You can honestly put your trust in their hands. Sincerely, Lori Longstaff

    Lori Longstaff Avatar Lori Longstaff
    September 4, 2023

    I truly appreciate the great work that they are doing. Chris was so professional and took all the necessary steps. I highly recommend them!

    Maliheh Nejabat Avatar Maliheh Nejabat
    August 4, 2023

    I was referred to Chris by a family member, suffice to say they are now my favourite family member. Chris and the team are honest and articulate, which is great when you’re going through some difficult potential convictions, even one’s you have no business of winning! Even if the outcome wasn’t as great as it was in my situation, I would still give them five stars, as fighting for the best outcome of their clients is truly obvious in the handling of their business and professionalism. Thank you team!

    Ramin S Avatar Ramin S
    July 26, 2023
  • I would definitely recommend their services!

    Lidia McGuire Avatar Lidia McGuire
    July 26, 2023

    Chris was amazing in helping me out, very highly recommend using Traffic Ticket Advocates. thank you very much really appreciate the great work.

    clint ramnarine Avatar clint ramnarine
    July 2, 2023

    Chris he is genius. I got 5 tickets with 8 points on them. He dismissed all tickets and save my license. If you got any ticket don’t even think of any other lawyer just come to chris he will handle everything.

    Gurpinder Singh Avatar Gurpinder Singh
    July 2, 2023

    Knowledgeable people who have your back. We have used them a few times and they provide value and service. Would highly recommend them.

    Laura Vale Avatar Laura Vale
    June 2, 2023

    Hey Chris, thank you for your professionalism dealing with our speeding matter! Just want to say great team to deal with and they get things done. Thanks again!

    Artem K Avatar Artem K
    June 2, 2023
  • Chris did an amazing job fighting 3 difficult tickets for my father. He was very professional, and answered all questions we had. My father is extremely happy with his service.

    Cristina Crespo Avatar Cristina Crespo
    June 2, 2023

    I had the pleasure of working with Chris Buckle on a legal matter and couldn't be more impressed with his expertise, professionalism, and dedication to my case. He was extremely knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend Chris to anyone in need. Thank you for your outstanding work!

    Carmen Lima Avatar Carmen Lima
    June 2, 2023

    Highly recommend. 2nd time using them and all I can say is great things.

    Zane Zaffino Avatar Zane Zaffino
    June 2, 2023

    Doing their job right.

    Grigory Menshikh Avatar Grigory Menshikh
    June 2, 2023

    Chris has been on my side since 2015. The first ticket Was a doozy (careless driving). Chris warned me that he would not be able to remove it but get it reduced, although somehow he eliminated it. Since then i've gotten 3 small ones but chris has faught and won all of them, except 3rd was reduced to no points. i just paid off my ticket and thought id show my appreciation to the great team at traffic ticket advocates

    keith a Avatar keith a
    May 2, 2023
  • Special thanks to Chris and his team at Traffic Ticket Advocates. Chris was able to get a very difficult Stunt Driving charge reduced to a careless conviction for us. I have worked with Chris in the past and recommended several friends and family to his business. Chris has a very professional demeanor and has always been able to help us. Thanks Again

    Peter Briand Avatar Peter Briand
    May 2, 2023

    All I had to do was pay and the court ruled in my favor!

    Tow Life Avatar Tow Life
    May 2, 2023

    I would highly recommend these guys, they have saved me a few times.

    Chillers Inc Avatar Chillers Inc
    April 2, 2023


    Akeem Yusuff Avatar Akeem Yusuff
    April 2, 2023

    Working with Chris was easy, quick and so reasonable. He was able to get a quite large ticket dropped significantly for me and handled everything on his end. If you need help fighting a ticket - look no further, Chris and his team are sure to get you the results you need!

    Montanna Blair Avatar Montanna Blair
    February 2, 2023