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Traffic Ticket Advocates have been fighting Stop Sign tickets successfully in the Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Vaughan, the GTA and surrounding areas for over 25 years.

Traffic Ticket Advocates specializes in all sorts of different areas of traffic violations.  They have years of experience dealing with everything from failure to stop and many other traffic issues.  Failure to stop at a stop sign is a serious offence and it can result in a fine and quite likely a loss of points.

However, with the help of Traffic Ticket Advocates, those penalties may be reduced. Traffic Ticket Advocates are professional and knowledgeable when dealing with a ticket resulting from failure to stop at a stop sign.  They will go over the circumstances around why the ticket was issued in order to determine how best to deal with the ticket.

Remember, the best way to prevent being given a ticket is to never drive recklessly and always be careful on the road so that no traffic violations occur.  But, if something like this should occur, Traffic Ticket Advocates are your best bet in getting help.

Failure to stop at a stop sign can result in insurance premiums going up. These kinds of tickets can result in long term repercussions and can affect a driver’s record. So, let Traffic Ticket Advocates take on your traffic troubles

Stop Sign Ticket

Stop Sign Ticket – Fail To stop – Section 136.1 under Highway Traffic Act

  • Every person operating a motor vehicle approaching a stop sign at an intersection shall stop at a marked stop line or immediately before entering the intersection.
  • Stop sign charges carry 3 demerit points and a set fine of $85.

All convictions will stay on your driving record for 3 years and could affect your insurance rating.

Once retained, we will file your ticket. In 2-4 months a trial date will be set and we will order the evidence of the case from the charging officer.  We will review this evidence with you and discuss all the reasonable options.  These options range from running a trial and challenging the officers evidence and pushing for a withdraw, or we can negotiate a reasonable resolution with the crown to reduce your demerit points and fine.

The Paralegals for All Your Traffic Ticket Needs

Traffic Ticket Advocates is the team for all your traffic tickets needs with over 25 years of experience.

Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will take care of all your traffic ticket needs.

Contact Traffic Ticket Advocates for your initial consultation to discuss your case and go over the potential avenues in which we can handle your case. 905-898-0542

We are conveniently located in Newmarket, in the same building as the York Region Traffic Court.
We proudly serve the following areas:
Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, the GTA and surrounding areas.