Useful Information about Driving Offences

    • 1. Do I have to fight this ticket alone?
    • 2. This ticket has an error on it. Doesn’t that mean it’s void?
    • 3. What’s the difference between a Part I and a Part III offense?
    • 4. I lost my ticket, what now?
    • 5. I filed my ticket but I got convicted, what now?
    • 6. I always pay my tickets right away, how come I have charges on my record?
    • 7. I got a ticket for G2 with alcohol > zero, how does that affect my insurance?
    • 8. My fine is $52.50 and zero points, then it won’t affect my record, right?
    • 9. Can I get more time to pay my fines?
    • 10. Do I gain points or lose points?
    • 11. How do demerit points affect my insurance?
    • 12. Does my New York ticket affect my licence?
    • 13. I got a 15 over speeding ticket, but that doesn’t affect me, right?
    • 14. What if my court date falls within my Vacation time?
    • 15. Guarantees?
    • 16. What about this Stunt Driving Law?
    • 17. What is the Move Over Law?
    • 18. I missed court, what can I do?
    • 19. Driving under Suspension?
    • 20. When can I talk on a my cell phone?
    • 21. I have a G1/G2 licence, I paid my ticket, why is my licence suspended?
    • 22. I was in an Accident, do I have to Report it to anyone?
    • 23. I was in an Accident and I am injured, what now?

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